Who we are

And two became one!

No, this is not a wedding announcement; rather it's the exciting announcement of

the merging of two Republican Women Clubs! Lee Republican Women's Club

and the Republican Women of Cape Coral Federated are now

Lee Republican Women Cape Coral and are chartered with the Republican Party of


Both clubs began with a small group of women (Lee Republican Women's Club

with 10/Republican Women of Cape Coral Federated with 11) who wanted to

become involved at the grassroots level to encourage Republican women to

become involved in local, state and national issues, promote the election to office

of qualified Republican candidates, promote an informed electorate through

political education, foster loyalty to the Republican Party and provide leadership

opportunities for Republican women through club membership.

Initially, both clubs met in members living rooms and grew to the point; they had

to meet in local venues. Originally chartered through the Florida Federation of

Republican Women, Lee Republican Women's Club then became chartered by the

Republican Party of Florida in April 2008. Republican Women of Cape Coral

Federated were chartered by the National and Florida Federations of Republican

Women in April 2016.

Recognizing the growth of Republican clubs in Lee County, especially the growth

in Cape Coral, the leadership of both clubs met and discussed the merging of the

two clubs. Those discussions resulted in the membership of both clubs voting to

become one.

Our common beginnings and goals being the same, it is with pleasure we ask you

to join us in assisting the election of qualified Republican candidates, encouraging

our fellow Republican women to get involved in local, state and national issues

and educating our fellow citizens.

Missi Lastra


Lisa Musial


Susan Selby

Co-Vice President

Marty Wisher

Co-Vice President

Christina Cook


Doris Cortese

Secretary Corresponding

Susan Saccone

Secretary Recording

Sheena Reagan

Social Meeting Committee Chair

Brenda Clarke

Caring for The Community Chair

Chrystal Vervaet

Communication Chair

Lori Kezer

Membership Chair